Each Stack Exchange jewellery piece is made from individual metals and plating. Please see the specific product pages for material details.
Brass is made from a combination of copper & zinc. It is a durable metal that won’t corrode with regular use making it a perfect material for jewellery like ours.
A base metal (such as brass) is dipped into an electroplating solution containing a small portion of solid gold. When an electric current is applied, a layer of gold is left on the metal.
18k gold plated jewelry – is equal to 75% gold content and 25% of other metals to make the alloy harder and more durable.
Rhodium is a metal in the family of platinum. Rhodium plating protects the surface of jewellery to prevent scratches whilst also gives off a high shine, reflective, silver appearance.
If the piece you are wanting is SOLD OUT or not available on our website please fill out the form on our CONTACT PAGE and we will let you know if we are receiving more and pop you on the waiting list.
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